Exploring the Heartland!

While political pundits and the media focused on large cities on both coasts of the United States, they ignored the region that led to Donald J. Trump’s victory on November 8, 2016. Beginning this September 8, 2019, we invite you to participate in our expedition through the heartland left behind!

U.S. Capitol – Photo by Kevin McCoy

Did the outcome of the recent presidential elections surprise you? Did you find yourself wondering what is actually going on in the states that turned red for the first time in decades last November? So did we. That is why we think it is right about time to explore the states that were considered „flyover states“ for the last years. Touring Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan, we want to gain insights into the people, their cities, and their economies in order to find out what made the Rust Belt a region disregarded by many.
Consider yourself pioneers – while the United States is full of political pundits and scientists, only a few set their focus on the fate of the landscape once nicknamed the „Manufacturing Belt“ before the decade-long economic decline commenced. Together with local politicians, companies, and political scientists, we will broaden our horizons and discover regions that can be considered mere shadows of their former selves – and we will hear about local solutions for problems found all across the region.
The United States forms a multitude of regions which are different in many regards, and we think that the best way of showing you this is by touring cities that could not be more different. Thus, participation in our study trip will not only give you the opportunity to see famous metropolitan urban areas such as Washington, D.C. and Detroit, MI. In discovering cities such as Pittsburgh, PA, and Cleveland, OH, we invite you to see different approaches to reinventing cities and overcoming structural issues.
Join us in expanding our understanding in political, cultural and economic regards and become part of a team of twenty young people touring the Crossroads of America together!

Timetable and Destinations

The study trip will take place from Sunday, September 8, to Saturday, September 21, 2019. Please be advised that we do not provide travels to and from the United States – make the most of it by touring the region on your own before and after our trip!

Sunset in Pittsburgh – Photo by Andy T.

Travels between our destinations will be done through buses. To offer you the best experience in touring cities while avoiding long bus trips, the trips will have a maximum duration of four hours each.

Accommodation and Costs

Accommodation is included in the participation fee and is currently set at well-rated four-star hotels.
The total participation fee is set at $800 per participant and includes all accommodation costs, transportation costs between cities and a flat amount of $100 used for transportation within cities. For conversion purposes, our calculations are based on an amount of €750. In case the total costs of the trip will, due to changes in the conversion rate, sink, we reimburse the difference of the assessed participation fee and the real costs.

Registration and Questions

You want to sign up for the study trip or have questions about the program? Unsure whether our study trip is worth your vacation time? Suggestions on what to do in the group’s spare time? Our study trip team is happy to help! Contact us at:
Lukas Posch