Transatlanticists pay tribute to Canadian-European friendship on Canada Day

Berlin, July 1, 2021 | On the occasion of Canada Day, the Canadian national holiday, the Young Transatlantic Initiative (YTI) sincerely congratulates our Canadian friends. With our best wishes come suggestions to further develop the partnership.

„Canada has a key role to play in transatlantic relations and it is a role that no one else can play,“ Chris Becker, President oft he YTI, says. “Thanks to Canada‘s diverse historical and cultural ties with the United Kingdom and France, as well as mutual economic cooperation with the US and Mexico, the country has often been a bridge-builder within the transatlantic community, an effective NATO ally and reliable trading partner. We are very grateful for that”, Becker continues. YTI has been persuing the importance of our Canadian partner in the Canada Office since 2015 (formerly known as Canada Department).

Andy Stengl, Head of the Canada Office, is convinced of the future importance of German-Canadian relations: “The benefit of Germany’s cooperation with Canada is particularly evident in the scientific and technological field. The agreement on science, technology and innovation between our governments is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. There have been several breakthroughs, for example in fuel cell research. ”The Youth Mobility Program is also a real showcase project and could be a model for bilateral mobility agreements with other partners. To develop the relationship, the Canada Officer suggests that a campaign similiar to the 2015 Canadian program “So German! Si Allemand! ” is launched in Germany.

Canada, after all, is also an important trading partner. Luke Winkelmann, Vice President of theYTI and responsible for external relations, addresses German politicians. „The CETA free trade agreement still has not been fully implemented, which the YTI very much regrets,“ Winkelmann concludes. “Most of the reservations against CETA are really difficult to understand. Ironically, the general skepticism towards trade agreements affects Canada. Among all nations I could not think of a better fit in regard of European standards.“ In fact, several social and ecological standards are more developed in Canada than the EU. It is important that the next federal government get down to brass tacks with CETA. “That will be a milestone in the Euro-Canadian relationship,” so the Vice President.

Über die Initiativer Junger Transatlantiker

Die Initiative junger Transatlantiker e.V. engagiert sich seit 2011 für eine Vertiefung der euro-atlantischen Beziehungen und hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, junge Menschen in Europa und Nordamerika, insbesondere den USA und Deutschland, auf allen Ebenen zusammenzubringen. Hierzu bietet die Initiative einer jungen Generation von freiheitsliebenden, aufgeschlossenen Transatlantikern eine Plattform für neue Perspektiven, aktive Beteiligung und lebendige Debatten. 

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Titus Heyme, Communications Director